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Geno2pheno [hcv] 0.92

Predictions are for research use only, we don't guarantee for any prediction!

Please use the form to submit DNA sequences of HCV strains covering NS3 region, NS5A region and/or NS5B region.
geno2pheno[hcv] provides the following information.

  • Detection of recombinant 2k/1b (St. Petersburg variant) for subtype 1b in NS3, NS5A and NS5B regions
  • The subtype which is identified using the reference genomes provided in Smith et al. 2014.
    • The clade type which is reported in case the subtype is 1a.
  • Resistance associated mutations and predictions of phenotypic resistance to the latest antiviral drugs.

Please cite geno2pheno [hcv] using Kalaghatgi et al. 2016.

By changing the "Alignment width" you change the number of nucleotides printed per line in the alignment.
Please note that for reliable predictions the sequences must contain a substantial part of the NS3, NS5A or NS5B region.
No clinical decision should be based only on the result of the used algorithm.

Please note that the reduced susceptibility to any one drug in a DAA regimen may be overcome by the activity of the other drugs in the regimen.
Therefore, resistance prediction to any one drug by the interpretation system does not necessarily exclude therapy success of the whole regimen,
but is indicating a reduced therapy success probability. If possible, a regimen with fully active drugs should be chosen.

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Do not use patient names!
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